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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that uses the meridian points discovered over 5000 years ago in the healing modality of acupuncture. EFT is part of the field of Energy Psychology and was developed by Stanford trained Engineer and Performance Coach Gary Craig. Instead of needles EFT uses tapping on meridian points to send stress-reduction signals to parts of the brain that are activated by fear or negative emotions.

Our bodies are made of energy which travels through our meridian pathways. When we experience a negative event it causes a negative emotion which becomes a disruption in the body’s energy system. Similar to signal interference (like static on your TV, bad cell or internet reception) negative thoughts create a “zzzt” in your energy system which causes a physical and/or emotional response. A negative event activates our fight, flight or freeze response and therefore increases the stress hormones in our body. Prolonged stress responses keep us from healing and feeling well. What I do is help you work on clearing the disruption of your energy system. Together we get rid of the “zzzt”.

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Matrix Reimprinting is a brand new Meridian Tapping Therapy that everyone is talking about. It is effective for the treatment of emotional or physical issues. It can also be used to manifest your goals and desires. It evolved from EFT by Karl Dawson EFT Master and like its predecessor uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system that has been used in acupuncture for thousands of years. EFT has a long and impressive history of resolving physical and emotional health issues. It works by bringing to mind and verbalizing, in a specific manner, an issue that you want to work with. At the same time you tap on points on your meridians with your fingers, and this releases stress and trauma from the body’s energy system, allowing the body and mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state. Results for EFT have always been phenomenal, and have far reaching positive results for our Western medical model of healing.

How does Matrix Reimprinting differ from these already established techniques? Having evolved from EFT, it also contains some important differences. For example, conventional EFT tapping is used to take the emotional intensity out of a past memory. You are left with the ability to recall your most traumatic and stressful memories without any emotional charge or stress, which is extremely useful, as negative past memories keep the body in a state of stress and can contribute to disease. However, with Matrix Reimprinting the memory is actually transformed. The process uses the laws of Quantum Physics by changing the thoughts and images we send out into the Matrix. You can go into any past memory, say and do what you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources, and create and transform the image you have of that memory.

In Matrix Reimprinting we see these past negative memories as being held as an image or holograms in your body-field. Until you transform them you keep tuning into them on a subconscious level and they affect your health, your wellbeing and your point of attraction. Changing the images creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. And by tapping on the meridians of the body at the same time, the process is accelerated.

If EFT is such an effective self help tool that I can learn to do all by myself, why would anyone go to a coach? Why spend the money ?

EFT is an amazing and effective self help tool and it is possible to get extraordinary change with even the most basic knowledge and little or no understanding of the ‘science’ and thinking behind it. However, there are times when EFT doesn’t seem to work, you just get nowhere or you may have opened up a floodgate of negative emotions and lost memories. This is where the EFT coach comes in, when you are stuck or overwhelmed.

Primarily, the EFT coach’s role is to be a facilitator for healing work to take place, to hold a safe space for the client to explore areas that their subconscious mind may not allow them to access on their own. In doing so, as the coach, I help individuals or couples to grow and heal their relationships. I help women and couples prepare for childbirth by shedding away fear and anxiety regarding their pregnancy, birth and parenting.

My role is also to keep the client focused – to be a kind but firm guide to their process – to gently help the “masters of distraction” focus and resolve their issues in a supportive and comfortable environment – to keep the client not just on track, but moving forward. A good EFT coach will be the detective, use language skills to creatively assist the client to unearth their core issues and beliefs – to question them in ways they wouldn’t think of doing for themselves. I believe that the creative language and questioning skills of the coach are invaluable in allowing the process to flow smoothly.

It is human nature not to “go there” if “there” is too uncomfortable, either consciously or subconsciously. Some of us are masters at distraction – those times when cleaning, laundry, work, caring for your partner and/or children or just hiding away in the cocoon of internet surfing or watching TV suddenly become of utmost importance and just have to be done. Anything to avoid the issues we know at some level we need to be working with/looking at. I know – I am quite an expert on this myself! We have all been there and done that!

As human beings we are use to suppressing our negative thoughts and emotions. We master our skill at ignoring negative emotions and plowing our way through life telling ourselves and others that everything is OK. The most usual response to “How are you?” is “Fine.” How often is that the truth? EFT is all about being in your truth and helping you release the negative emotions and thoughts that kind you from your end goal of love, joy and fulfillment.

When dealing with negative things, people often ignore what is really bothering them, but at some point the subconscious mind will draw our attention to it in some other way, whether through physical aches and pains, depression, anxiety or other emotional states. We might displace or project our negative feelings onto others, and this hurts our relationships. At some point the subconscious defenses leak – something happens and we are forced to confront our reality. This is where the EFT coach comes in – to create a strategy for the client, a path for them to take, to clarify and simplify their work and to support and guide them with it as necessary. With EFT we have ways of carefully resolving and changing the overall symptoms. And we can often do this for ourselves – but getting started can seem overwhelming, if we can figure out where to get started.

As an EFT coach I am an emotional detective. By using my training and communication skills to question the individual or couple in ways they wouldn’t think of doing for themselves. The creative language and questioning skills of the coach are invaluable in allowing the process to flow smoothly and to assist the client to unearth their core issues and beliefs. EFT is a fast track to cognitive shifts and insights. Acknowledging these changes to ourselves can be difficult. Often we won’t notice them ourselves and it will take our family, friends or colleagues to point them out. A skilled coach will be able to bring these shifts into conscious awareness as they happen.

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” ~ unknown

That is how I see my role, supporting people as they move along their track, being a clear channel for the work to happen – being aware when they head off track and pulling them gently back, looking for those patterns, helping you examine these patterns and gain new insights and perspectives.

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